Hanging Out

1922 N Wood St, Chicago, IL 60622

Phone: 773 384-3900, Text: 201 508-0005 or for Emergencies call: 773 346-6900

Our Story

Aren't you tired of all that BS and double speak about value and commitment and all the other buzz words companies use to make you feel warm and fuzzy. We are not going to sell you that non-sense here, but just give you a quick overview of who we are.

Hanging Out was established in 1994 with the purchase of our 1st building. We have slowly grown to a couple of dozen apartment buildings in Bucktown / Wicker Park / Ukrainian Village / Logan Square.

We are not a big corporation, but a company that prides itself on quick service and beautiful, well maintained apartments. We have a small staff of people who care about our tenants and we try to treat them as we ourselves want to be treated. Our goal is to create apartments in good locations that are designed and built well so that that we can give our tenants a place that they will really enjoy living in. The happier our tenants are, the easier life is for us, and the happier we all are.

If you have any questions, please email us by clicking the link at the top of the webpage.
Good luck in your search!

Our People

Bob Pearl

Rob Miranda

Freddy Rodriguez
Repair Genius

Jaime Sinchi
Repair Guru

New Chili Pepper